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Welcoming Your Puppy from Planet Dog (April 2024)
How to Go Beyond Training and Raise Your Best Friend

CDN Retail: $28.95
Product Code: 9781608689217
Author: Callahan, Kathy
Vendor: New World Library



A decade of working with people who've just added a puppy to the household has taught certified professional dog trainer Kathy Callahan (cpdt-ka) a fundamental truth: at some point after the initial honeymoon, every single one of them feels overwhelmed. When they seek out expertise, they're flooded with impossibly detailed advice, conflicting opinions, and a surprising number of techniques that seem unkind.

In contrast, Callahan reassures owners that success flows not from nailing an intimidating list of disciplinary details, but instead from shifting their approach from that of 'master' to one of 'cultural ambassador.' The key to great training is recognizing that we have essentially kidnapped these puppies from their own vastly different culture. Using that grounding Planet Dog principle, Callahan covers the puppy essentials and more, including:

  • how to prepare your house (and yourself) for puppyhood
  • the best ways to handle potty training, chewing, jumping, and other challenges
  • how to train with fun, not fear
  • why it might seem your puppy 'just doesn't listen'
  • what to do if there's household disagreement on things like whether dogs belong on furniture
  • how to help puppies and young kids, other dogs, and/or cats live safely and happily together

With fun-to-read chapters in a wise, tell-it-like-it-is tone, Welcoming Your Puppy from Planet Dog paves the way for a rewarding friendship between a relaxed, well-prepared human and a canine family member who's happily at ease in our world.