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Activate Your Psychic Ability (February 2024)
The Power of Intuition Revealed

CDN Retail: $33.95
Product Code: 9780738778556
Author: Fenton-Smith, Paul
Vendor: Blue Angel



The smallest of choices can change the course of your life. Your psychic senses are your keys to creating your best path forward.

When you learn to look ahead, your insight will save time, energy and heartache - steering you towards worthwhile goals and deeper purpose. Activate your natural psychic ability to build faith in your instincts and be true to the outcomes of your choosing. This thorough and practical book includes approaches, strategies, exercises, activities, quizzes, anecdotes and expert advice to help you:

  • Identify your psychic strengths and connect with your internal guidance
  • Measure the accuracy of your intuitive impressions
  • Know which questions to ask for the most revealing answers
  • Enhance your relationships with people and animals in the physical and spiritual realms
  • Become aware of potential opportunities and discover how to harness them

Gain awareness of where the choices, connections and actions of today will take you so you can greet every pivotal moment of your life with greater wisdom, calm, confidence and clarity. Why leave your destiny to chance?

Includes purple foil on the cover and front and back flaps.