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Awakened Way (April 2024)
Making the Shift to a Divinely Guided Life

CDN Retail: $23.99
Product Code: 9781401978433
Author: Giesemann, Suzanne
Vendor: Hay House



The Awakened Way combines deep spiritual wisdom and practical tools for living a consciously connected and divinely guided life, helping readers go from an emptiness that can't be filled to a fullness that can't be contained.

The Awakened Way is the soul's answer to your earthly challenges.

This book invites you to live the awakened way, a path that embraces ancient wisdom and integrates it with the latest scientific discoveries about the nature of consciousness and the underlying reality.

Many self-help books focus on our human nature. They miss the point that we are both human and a soul. They fail to teach us to shift our focus and access the Source of solutions that is always available and will never steer us wrong.

The Awakened Way is a higher-self book that reorients your belief system and shows you how to approach life from the soul's perspec­tive, where the highest answers lie.