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Tea Leaf Reading (Hardcover) (April 2024)
Your Guide to More Than 500 Symbols

CDN Retail: $23.95
Product Code: 9781642970548
Author: Towers, Jacqueline
Vendor: Hampton Roads



The ancient practice of tasseomancy, or tea leaf reading, originated in ancient China and later became associated with gypsies who spread the practice around the world. It is one of the easiest forms of divination to learn - all it takes is tea leaves, some hot water, and a creative mind!

Tea leaf reading is a form of fortune-telling that uses the symbols and images left in a cup by the tea leaves after the liquid is gone. Those images - much like the shapes we see in cloud formations - can be interpreted by the tea leaf reader. This easy-to-use guide will teach you:

  • the proper preparation of tea
  • using coffee grounds instead of tea
  • meanings of common symbols and images
  • astrological and tarot-related symbols

Discover the meaning(s) of almost any shape you find at the bottom of a tea cup with help from the A-to-Z guide of more than 500 symbols.