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Little Deck of Dreams Deck (April 2024)
What Your Sleeping Mind Is Telling You About Your Waking Life

CDN Retail: $33.50
Product Code: 9781923049178
Author: Gover, Tzivia
Vendor: Rizzoli



The Little Deck of Dreams

is your guide to interpreting the hidden messages of your dreams.

This beautifully illustrated deck of 50 cards provides insight into the symbolism and meaning behind common dream themes and types, including recurring dreams, nightmares, and lucid dreams. Each card features a vivid image and accompanying description of a common dream symbol and its significance, helping you to interpret the messages your subconscious mind is sending you, as well as tools for addressing each meaning in your waking life.

Whether you're seeking clarity on a specific dream or simply curious about the meanings behind your nighttime adventures, The Little Deck of Dreams is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to better understand the mysteries of the dreaming mind.