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Astrology of the Shadow Self (April 2024)
Working with Oppositions in Your Natal Chart

CDN Retail: $31.50
Product Code: 9781644119174
Author: D'Aoust, Maja
Vendor: Inner Traditions



A guide to discovering the shadow wisdom hidden in your birth chart

  • In this practical guide to shadow astrology, Maja D'Aoust explains how to determine the shadow polarities of your natal chart and explore the hidden wisdom and challenges of the oppositional identity within.
  • Providing vivid examples, the author details the meaning of each shadow counterpart for every astrological sign and planet that appears in a traditional astrological chart and explains how to interpret and work with their challenges.
  • In addition to chart interpretation, the author also explores the history of this astrological method, including its roots in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and the Western magic tradition.

Revealing how to interpret astrological charts for personal growth and conscious evolution, this guide invites you to explore the darkness within in order to know the totality of your whole self.