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Dragon Riders Oracle Deck (February 2024)
43-Card Deck and Book

CDN Retail: $24.99
Product Code: 9781644119990
Author: Arana Fader, Christine & Dudina, E.
Vendor: Inner Traditions



Dragons, the oldest creatures in our universe, have accompanied gods, goddesses, planets, angels, elves, and ascended masters through the ages. In this 43-card full-color deck, "Dragon Woman" Christine Arana Fader introduces us to the dragon riders and the profound spiritual wisdom they have to offer. Forty-one of the cards feature a dragon and a wise dragon rider: both have a message for you and something to teach. The deck also includes two joker cards, featuring cats, which, like dragons, magically connect our world to the spirit world. The jokers indicate a great opportunity at hand and, instead of a message, they offer a ritual to support you in making the leap to the next level.

In the guidebook the author explores the different light-filled realms from which the dragon riders originate, as well as deeper interpretations of the messages and teachings of each card, as if the dragon and its rider are speaking directly to you. The riders offer love, courage, abundance, happiness, and a clear, peaceful outlook on many situations in life, as well as helping you connect deeply with your soul.

Sharing direct wisdom from the realms of the dragons and the dragon riders, this oracle deck allows you to connect with dragon energy in a new way and find spiritual support on life's path.

Box Size: 5.5 in x 4 in.