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Land in Our Bones (February 2024)
Plantcestral Herbalism and Healing Cultures from Syria to the Sinai - Earth-based pathways to ancestral stewardship and belonging in diaspora

CDN Retail: $33.95
Product Code: 9781623179144
Author: Feghali, Layla K.
Vendor: North Atlantic Books



Layla K. Feghali, a Lebanese ethnobotanist, sovereignty steward, and cultural worker, offers a layered history of the healing plants of Cana'an (the Levant) and the Crossroads ("Middle East") while exploring ways to heal from the wounds of colonization and displacement. She demonstrates how ancestral healing practices connect land and kin, weaving narratives across geographies and generations to provide a lifeline for regenerative healing and repair.

Feghali's storytelling is rich with vivid accounts of folk healing, eco-cultural stewardship, and ancestral practices across Cana'an. From matriarchal lineages to plant-based remedies, from spiritual traditions to bioregional regeneration, she shares a tapestry of wisdom aimed at reclaiming the integrity of our worlds.

This book asks us to reclaim the integrity of our worlds, interrogating colonization and defying its "cultures of severance" through the guidance of land, lineage, and love. It is an urgent companion for our times, a beckoning call towards belonging, healing, and freedom through tending the land in your own bones.