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Remembering the Light Within
A Course in Soul-Centered Living

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Product Code: 9781401949761
Author: Hulnick, Mary & Hulnick, H. Ronald
Vendor: Hay House



Mary and Ron Hulnick's popular course, 33 Days of Awakening, led 20,000 participants in 138 countries through one of the 33 Principles of Spiritual Psychology each day, including exercises for incorporating each principle into your daily life. However, 33 days is simply too short of a time to absorb these powerful concepts! Remembering the Light Within: A Course in Soul-Centered Living uses the same course format but expands upon the material, allowing readers to reflect and understand the wisdom at their own pace.

In Remembering the Light Within, Mary and Ron guide readers to awaken into the awareness of our true nature, our authentic selves, as souls. They offer exercises and practical advice to demonstrate how to integrate the principles of Spiritual Psychology into our everyday lives so that we can view the world from a spiritual context, and every experience becomes one of joy, aliveness, enthusiasm, peace, acceptance, freedom, contentment, transcendental happiness, compassion, and love.