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Recovering the Soul
A Scientific and Spiritual Approach

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Product Code: 9780553347906
Author: Dossey, Larry
Vendor: Random House



As a physician, Dossey has often confronted events and miraculous cures in his patients that cannot be explained by conventional science. Drawing from the latest research, Dr. Dossey synthesizes the ideas of eminent scientists such as Schr÷dinger, Einstein, G÷del, and Margenau, with the time-honored knowledge of visionaries and mystics to present convincing evidence for a nonlocal, holistic view of mind and reality that can explain transcendental experiences. In short, he provides new proof of the existence of the soul.

Embroidered with thoughts from Lao Tzu and Jung, Meister Eckhart and Rilke, as well as from ancient texts such as the Upanishads, Recovering the Soul beautifully interweaves Western and Eastern wisdom into a rich tapestry of intellectual depth and spiritual power. Here is a penetrating exploration of the nexus of mysticism and healing, religion and physics that helps us to understand our deepest and most elemental selves - a book that triumphantly affirms our interconnectedness with the universe... and to each other.