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Spiritual Balancing
A Guidebook for Living in the Light

CDN Retail: $23.99
Product Code: 9781583949887
Author: Burney, Diana
Vendor: North Atlantic



This guide to spiritual empowerment provides a spiritual approach to the psychology of everyday living by offering practical strategies and step-by-step methods for clearing out negative psychic energy. Addressing topics such as spirit interference, spirit possession, and spirit attachment, Diana Burney - who has helped thousands worldwide refocus energies for positive results - shares timeless lessons and basic techniques for psychic protection and spiritual cleansing. Those who feel stuck energetically, emotionally, mentally, or financially will learn tools for healing and self-empowerment that will help them release impediments and accelerate their spiritual journey. In these difficult times, Spiritual Balancing provides answers for readers at all levels of spiritual growth as they seek to establish and maintain equilibrium in body, mind, and spirit.

  • Chapter One: Moving Forward Spiritually
  • Chapter Two: How to Cope With the Ascension Process
  • Chapter Three: Elimination of Barriers
  • Chapter Four: Clearing Your Living Space
  • Chapter Five: Spiritual Protection
  • Chapter Six: Violet Fire
  • Chapter Seven: Spiritual Power Tools
  • Chapter Eight: Spiritual Ecology
  • Chapter Nine: Divine Guidance
  • Chapter Ten: The Empowerment of Meditation
  • Chapter Eleven: Toward Energy Mastery
  • Chapter Twelve: Energy Matrix of Chakras
  • Chapter Thirteen: Awakening Divine Blueprint
  • Chapter Fourteen: Spiritual Growth Exercises
  • Chapter Fifteen: Earth Healings