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Dzogchen Meditation Training (6 CD's)
A Direct Path for Awakening to the Radiant Buddha Within

CDN Retail: $90.99
Product Code: 9781683642374
Author: Lama Surya Das
Vendor: Sounds True



How can we access the awakened state that is our birthright? Dzogchen, the Natural Great Perfection, is one of Tibetan Buddhism's most guarded and revered teachings, offering us a direct path for scaling the pinnacle of enlightenment in this lifetime. In Dzogchen Meditation Training, American-born Tibetan lama and meditation master Surya Das shares these teachings in his most immersive audio program to date. Drawing on nearly 50 years of experience, Surya Das presents a powerful, in-depth series of meditations and inquiries for coming into deeper communion with all of life and uncovering your luminous true nature.