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Power of Awakening (Hardcover) (October 2020)
Mindfulness Practices and Spiritual Tools to Transform Your Life

CDN Retail: $25.99
Product Code: 9781401956080
Author: Dyer, Wayne W.
Vendor: Hay House



A book of spiritual teachings from international best-selling author and beloved inspirational speaker Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Content is pulled from lectures of Wayne's from the 1990s and 2000s, restructured in a cohesive way to offer a fresh take on his teachings while preserving his unique voice.

Wherever you are along the path of life, you are probably seeking to make things better. Fortunately, the teachings of beloved spiritual teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer are here to show you the way! In this book, which collects some of his timeless words of wisdom in a new format, the internationally renowned speaker and author will give you the tools to transcend your current circumstances and old patterns in order to reach true fulfillment. The result will leave you feeling enlightened in every way, in tune with the magnificence of the Universe... and yourself.