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30-Day Wake Up Challenge (6 CD's)

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Product Code: 9781683643104
Author: Adyashanti
Vendor: Sounds True



What does "awakening" mean to you? Perhaps it's about disconnecting from day-to-day concerns and living apart from the stresses of the world. Maybe you think awakening is about achieving an expanded, intuitive awareness of unseen realities. Or maybe it involves transcending suffering and never experiencing anything painful ever again. For Adyashanti, "Awakening has everything to do with identity - with dislodging misplaced identity and letting your true identity arise on its own." It's about understanding how you are connected with the rest of existence.

In The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge, this renowned spiritual explorer presents a new, in-depth course that collects these practices in a month-long journey. Over the course of 30 days, you will investigate:

  • How to establish anchors from which you can explore the distinct but interconnected dimensions of awakening
  • Insights on awakening and unity from the world's great spiritual traditions
  • Awareness of the pure consciousness underlying all of your experiences
  • The innate connection and compassion of the Spiritual Heart
  • Realizing the infinite potential of the fundamental ground of Being
  • Practices for embodying the wisdom and insight of awakened awareness in your daily life