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Clutter Remedy (December 2019)
A Guide to Getting Organized for Those Who Love Their Stuff

CDN Retail: $23.00
Product Code: 9781608686292
Author: Stone, Marla
Vendor: New World Library



There are many valid approaches to getting rid of stuff and creating neat and tidy spaces. Marla Stone, a former therapist, helps readers create spaces that look and feel like readers at their best. She focuses not just on throwing stuff out but on understanding what will stay put and why. Stone walks readers through a process of knowing themselves and their values; summoning up motivation; and visualizing their ideal lifestyle and optimal surroundings.

Armed with this understanding, readers are empowered to approach every room in their house, every aspect of their workspace, and even every aspect of their health and well-being with energy and clarity. Stone helps readers eliminate physical and emotional road blocks and guides them toward surroundings that reflect not just who they are but also who they want to be.