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Emily's Idea (Hardcover) (March 2020)

CDN Retail: $23.50
Product Code: 9781683644163
Author: Evans, Christine & Miguens, Marta
Vendor: Sounds True



An inspiring fable of one girl's idea spreading a message of love, acceptance, and togetherness across the globe

This inspiring tale begins when a little girl decides to create a paper chain of dolls. Her idea catches on and spreads far and wide, as children around the world begin to create and share their own.

Emily's Idea shows children that their ideas matter - and that they have the power to create positive changes all around them. It also teaches the joy of connecting and befriending those who may look different from ourselves, but are more like us than we may think.

Award-winning illustrator Marta Álvarez Miguéns lends her kid-compelling artwork to the adventure. For children ages 4-8.

Includes a make-your-own paper doll chain template page to help children get started on their own paper doll chains.