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F**ck Like a Goddess (July 2020)
Heal Yourself. Reclaim Your Voice. Stand in Your Power.

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Product Code: 9781683643944
Author: Roxo, Alexandra
Vendor: Sounds True



Many modern women are fed up with the status quo that tries to put us into boxes and take away our power. With cultural movements like "MeToo" and an ever-changing political climate, we can find ourselves overwhelmed by the powerful emotions and issues that are bubbling up. How do we release the trauma? Deal with the pain? Empower ourselves and move through as a culture?

F--ck Like a Goddess is a road map for modern women. As a prominent voice in transformational healing and the divine feminine who has emerged stronger and wiser from her own experiences with sexual abuse, mental abuse, and body shaming, Alexandra Roxo has developed the tried-and-true methods in this book for getting beyond our cultural programming and beginning to live and "fuck" like a Goddess-metaphorically and literally. This book will guide you to see that healing, reclaiming your voice, and stepping into your full security can be magical... and will lead to finding power that is truly yours.