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Master of You (March 2020)
A Five-Point System to Synchronize Your Body, Your Home, and Your Time with Your Ambition

CDN Retail: $23.50
Product Code: 9781683642619
Author: Stillman, Cate
Vendor: Sounds True



Do you ever sense that there's a gap between how you see your potential and how you actually live your day to day? If so, thought leader and wellness expert Cate Stillman has a breakthrough solution: an innovative, cutting-edge experience of the five elements of Ayurveda to accelerate living your potential. In Master of You, Cate imparts this ancient wisdom through a modern lens, providing a detailed map to accessing the powers inherent in earth, air, fire, water, and space to consciously construct and design your life.

Master of You empowers your evolution by helping you activate the deeper dream of who you want to become next, unleashing the power of the five elements to shapeshift your dream into reality. You will design your home, your schedule, and your entire life in alignment with who you want to become next. Rather than quick fixes and life hacks, Cate offers element-by-element instruction to organize your home (space), optimize your biorhythms (earth), clarify your ambitions (fire), realign your time to hit your goals (air), and fall into a deep experience of integrity and flow in your daily life (water). With Cate's guidance, you'll steer in the direction of your deeper next purpose, raise the bar on your expectations, be the conscious creator of your future, and become the person you've always sensed you could be.