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Tara (April 2020)
The Liberating Power of the Female Buddha

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Author: Wooten, Rachael
Vendor: Sounds True



While there are many scholarly books on Tara, this practical, psychological guide shows how those of any tradition can directly access her, though clear instruction and authentic Tibetan Buddhist teachings.

In her myriad forms, Tara - also known as the female Buddha of Tibet - has the power to protect us from inner and outer negativity, illuminate our self-sabotaging habits, cleanse mental and physical poisons, open us to abundance, give us strength and peace, help us fulfill our life purposes, and more. Here, readers explore each of the 21 manifestations of Tara, engaging with each through traditional meditations, visualizations, praises, mantra chants, and the author's extensive experience as a depth psychologist.

"If ever the voice of wisdom and compassion was needed in the form of an awakened female figure such as Tara," writes Wooten, "that time is now." This book illuminates the way to her healing, blessings, and aid.