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Untethered Soul Lecture Series: Volume 11 (2 CDs) (January 2020)
The Unlimited Energy of the Self

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Product Code: 9781683646587
Author: Singer, Michael
Vendor: Sounds True



How is your energy doing right now? Is it going up? Going down? The yogis of ancient times were masters of life force energy who understood the connection between our consciousness and our everyday well-being. In the two audio sessions of The Untethered Soul Lecture Series, Volume 11, Michael A. Singer takes you deeper into the teachings from his bestselling books, revealing practical insights on working with your thoughts, feelings, and moment-to-moment experiences to raise your energy. Join him as he explores:

  • How consciousness becomes fixated - and how to set it free
  • The incredible power of focused attention
  • Overcoming our addiction to our bad experiences
  • Making inner clarity your top priority
  • Transcendence and staying centered inside
  • The art of "relaxing your way through yourself"
  • Continuing practice of liberating your awareness
  • Using every aspect of your daily life as your practice ground
  • Keeping your heart open and letting go of the things that close it
  • Focusing on doing things to give versus doing things to get