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Untethered Soul Lecture Series: Volume 6 (2 CDs) (January 2020)
Letting Go into Freedom and Fulfillment

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Product Code: 9781683646488
Author: Singer, Michael
Vendor: Sounds True



When was the last time you felt completely free from the burdens of stress and tension? Is it really possible to live your everyday life in a state of complete well-being? These are the questions Michael A. Singer explores in The Untethered Soul Lecture Series, Volume 6: Letting Go into Freedom and Fulfillment. Throughout this volume, Singer shares that the peace we seek is already within us - we just need to let go and allow it to naturally unfold.

So what is it that prevents us from resting in our natural state of freedom and fulfillment all the time? In his clear, no-nonsense style, Singer explains how we lose ourselves in our thoughts and emotions - we become so fixated on ending our internal struggles that we inadvertently become caught by them. The key is to let go of the entire inner battle and relax into our natural state. Here you will explore:

  • How most of us go through life constantly reacting to whatever comes up
  • Remaining centered, conscious, and clear vs. trapped by delusion, confusion, and illusion
  • The ripples of your thoughts and emotions will always be there - how can you handle them?
  • Letting go of preferences and dropping into true objectivity
  • The human tendency to complicate very simple things
  • How thinking you can control things causes stress - because you really can't control much at all
  • The misunderstood state of witness consciousness and what it truly means