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Untethered Soul Lecture Series: Volume 8 (2 CDs) (January 2020)
Taking Charge of Your Inner Growth

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Product Code: 9781683646525
Author: Singer, Michael
Vendor: Sounds True



In The Untethered Soul Lecture Series, Vol. 8, Michael A. Singer shows how the only barriers between you and positive inner change are ultimately illusory. When you recognize that your thoughts and emotions are only temporary inner states and not accurate reflections of reality, Singer asserts that you can finally galvanize true inner growth. In this volume of the continuing Untethered Soul Lecture Series, you will discover:

  • The process of how and why the mind creates thoughts
  • "Taking the wheel" of your decisions and commitments
  • Why suppressing emotions only causes them to become ticking time bombs
  • How to distinguish the call of your deepest self from desires, impulsiveness, or addiction
  • Understanding negative thoughts as "indigestion of the mind"
  • The strength and discipline that have always existed inside of you
  • The cleansing inner work of meditation
  • Making the choice between reactivity and conscious reflection
  • Mantra as a training regimen for the mind
  • Avoiding anxious thought spirals and neurotic self-talk