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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (8CD's) (July 2020)
Principles of Becoming More Flexible, Effective, and Fulfilled

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Product Code: 9781683644682
Author: Hayes, Steven Ph.D.
Vendor: Sounds True



Have you ever tried to "think your way" out of emotional turmoil - and ended up feeling even worse? Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) emerges from a remarkable insight: that when our normal problem-solving skills are applied to painful thoughts or feelings, suffering often increases.

Steven C. Hayes, ACT's originator and co-developer, has found this to be true in almost every area of life's struggles. "Fortunately," he begins, "we have discovered why this is, and we have developed ways of correcting it."

For over 30 years, ACT has been used effectively to treat not only mental and behavioral health problems such as anxiety and depression, but to help support workplace success, sports performance, and social change. ACT works by helping us to accept and learn from our emotions, to think more freely and flexibly, and to find a liberating new perspective that allows us to take action based on what matters most to us.

Here, listeners will join this pioneering researcher to learn firsthand about the essentials of ACT. For anyone seeking to improve their lives, these sessions offer an immersive way to understand this demonstrated path to greater happiness and well-being.