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Dreams of Light (8 CD's) (August 2020)
The Profound Daytime Practice of Lucid Dreaming

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Product Code: 9781683645665
Author: Holecek, Andrew
Vendor: Sounds True



Most of us are absolutely certain that we're awake here and now - it's a given, right? Yet, according to Tibetan dream yoga, ordinary waking life is in fact a delusion, as illusory as our nightly dreams.

In his previous book Dream Yoga, Andrew Holecek guided us into Tibet's nocturnal path of lucid dreaming and other dimensions of sleeping consciousness. Now, with Dreams of Light, he offers us a step-by-step guide to Tibetan dream yoga's daytime practices.

Known in Tibet as the "illusory form" practices, these teachings include insights, meditations, and actions to help us realize the dreamlike nature of our lives.

Through an in-depth exploration of the tradition, beginners and seasoned practitioners alike will learn everything they need to enter the unexplored realms of our waking states.

For those curious about altered states of consciousness, psychedelic therapies, and near-death and out-of-body experiences, Dreams of Light opens a time-honored gateway to kindred - and for many, even more profound - terrains of perception.