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How Mindfulness Can Heal the World (6 CD's) (August 2020)
Evolving Beyond Tribalism

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Product Code: 9781683644705
Author: Wright, Robert
Vendor: Sounds True



Perhaps the greatest irony of our times is that we have developed more technologies than ever for connecting us... yet our world has never felt more divided. Why? With How Mindfulness Can Heal the World, bestselling author Robert Wright presents a deeply informative and practical audio workshop on the phenomenon of "tribalism" - and how we can choose to evolve beyond our natural tendencies for separation and conflict by using the tools of psychology and mindfulness.

In these six sessions, Robert Wright reveals why mindfulness is perhaps our most promising tool for creating real change in a polarized world. Here he helps you understand why our genes are programmed to delude us; why they foster cognitive biases that lead to tribalism; the principles and techniques of Buddhism and psychology that allow us to diminish negative emotions and mind states; practical ways to de-escalate the cycle of partisan outrage that play out in the media and social media; and a bold vision of a collective movement toward a more connected, tolerant, and enlightened future.