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Radical Alignment (Hardcover) (August 2020)
How to Have Game-Changing Conversations That Will Transform Your Business and Your Life

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Product Code: 9781683646051
Author: Jamieson, A. & Gower, B.
Vendor: Sounds True



Why do so many organizations, teams, couples, families, and other groups waste energy on unproductive conflict? Even when everyone has the same general goals, what's often missing is a deeper alignment based on mutual trust, respect, and empathy. With Radical Alignment, top-level life and business coaches (and happily married couple!) Alexandra Jamieson and Bob Gower share their potent method for helping groups to stop clashing and start working together - to jump from "we can't" to an enthusiastic "hell yes!"

Jamieson and Gower teach practical tools to help each member of a group skillfully express their core values, concerns, and highest hopes for any undertaking - building a foundation of understanding and respect that can support even the most ambitious goals. Their All-In Method starts with making the implicit explicit so collaborators are able to develop a foundation of empathy and trust. "The world needs more people who know how to build aligned and empathic relationships - in businesses, communities, and families - through powerful, clear conversations," write the authors. Radical Alignment brings you a "low-drama, high-joy" technique to transform the way you collaborate and communicate in every area of your life.