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Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress & Chronic Illness (July 2020)
Uncover & Transform the Subtle Energies That Are Causing Your Greatest Hardships

CDN Retail: $34.99
Product Code: 9780738761046
Author: Dale, Cyndi
Vendor: Llewellyn Worldwide



Combining insights from mainstream science, psychology, and subtle healing modalities, this book provides a truly holistic approach to recovery. Renowned author and spiritual healer Cyndi Dale shares an impressive array of techniques for resolving challenging energetic and spiritual issues. Trauma and pain caused by environmental, physical, psychological, and spiritual forces can have major effects on every aspect of your life. Join Cyndi as she shows how to align with spirit guides, work with the chakras, locate hidden inner wounds, release other peoples' energies, and much more. You will also discover information related to the vagus nerve, mast cells, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, and transgenerational inheritance so that you will have a deep understanding of the physical processes that are affected by energetic and emotional trauma.