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I'm Still With You (May 2020)
Communicate, Heal & Evolve with Your Loved One on the Other Side

CDN Retail: $24.99
Product Code: 9780738761367
Author: Dillard, Sherrie
Vendor: Llewellyn Worldwide



Our loved ones are still with us even after they've passed to the other side. Psychic medium Sherrie Dillard shares dozens of amazing case studies that show how the power of love transcends the veil between this world and the next. You will also discover exercises and meditations for healing grief and continuing the soul journey you are on with your family and friends who have passed away.

The guiding presence of spirit is always with you. This book shares breathtaking insights into the life review process our loved ones experience on the other side and shows how that process uplifts and influences those who survived their death. It provides suggestions to help you move through the grieving process and guides you into a transformative soul-to-soul journey with your cherished family and friends.