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Winter: The Great Wheel (May 2020)
Rituals to Thrive in the Dark Cycle of the Saeculum

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Product Code: 9780738763712
Author: Graham, Jo
Vendor: Llewellyn Worldwide



According to the Etruscan system of cycles known as the Saeculum, we are currently in the age of winter. Through exercises, journaling, and reconstructed ancient esoteric rituals, this book helps you survive and thrive in this age of change and upheaval. Author Jo Graham invites you to find the spirit of heroism within as you transform your life and soul even in a challenging era.

This book reveals how the energy of winter influences our spiritual lives, our relationships, and our communities. Exploring the powerful cycles of generations, life-spans, seasons, years, and months, Winter offers specific techniques and support to help you see that this era is only temporary, and spring will come again.