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Insight Cure (December 2020)
Change Your Story, Transform Your Life

CDN Retail: $24.99
Product Code: 9781401953263
Author: Sharp, John
Vendor: Hay House



Every person has a story, a personal narrative that informs their life, their decisions, and their way of thinking. But did you know that it also affects the wiring of your brain? Renowned psychiatrist and professor at Harvard Medical School John Sharp, M.D., offers an eight-step process to discovering your unconscious narrative and using your new insight to eradicate the "false truth" that has been at the core of your self-sabotage. His unique approach integrates four core domains of applied psychology - control mastery theory, attachment theory, narrative therapy, and positive psychology - with his own research and professional experience to construct an insightful and soul - searching path to insight.

Dr. Sharp's approach is simple and accessible, with the power to wield profound results. Through exercises, quizzes, thorough exploration of case studies, and clear guidance, you will be able to find your false truth, rewrite your story, and transform your life. Once you have flipped the switch of insight, nothing can hold back the light that shines from within.