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Curative Magic (August 2020)
A Witch's Guide to Self Discovery, Care & Healing

CDN Retail: $30.99
Product Code: 9780738763286
Author: Patterson, Rachel
Vendor: Llewellyn Worldwide



Tap into the power of nature and learn how to unleash your inner magic to navigate modern-day life and the issues the universe throws at you. Curative Magic shows you how to work with the tools that witchcraft provides, including spells, rituals, and herbs as well as meditation and recipes.

Nature is incredibly clever - plants, herbs, crystals, and other natural materials can improve spells, provide guidance, enhance your personal health, and help you work through life's challenges. Kitchen witch and author Rachel Patterson shares her own experiences, personal rituals, recipes, and remedies to help you manage depression, anxiety, insomnia, ailments, and many other common issues we confront.