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Erotic Fantasy Tarot Deck (July 2020)

CDN Retail: $34.95
Product Code: 9780738766409
Author: Gailli, Giacomo & Viglioglia, Joseph
Vendor: Lo Scarabeo



In perfect harmony with traditional tarot symbols, these fantasy cards open a unique window to the energy of the erotic, to the beauty of alluring bodies, and to the inspired fusion of embracing lovers. Erotic Fantasy Tarot presents breathtaking illustrations of a world without inhibitions, where magic and dreams have the power to transform your spirit. As you connect to the passionate, empowering, and playful energies of this deck, you will discover how the mysterious essence of eroticism unlocks the wisdom of your soul. Note: card art contains adult imagery. Box Size: 4.25 in x 2.75 in