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Climate Cure (September 2020)
Heal Yourself to Heal the Planet

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Product Code: 9780738764870
Author: Adam Weber, Jack
Vendor: Llewellyn Worldwide



For all the distressing news about climate crisis, there is scarcely any help for how to emotionally and spiritually cope with it. Instead of falling prey to eco-anxiety and eco-grief, you can use this book not only to cope with climate distress, but also to leverage your difficult emotions into potent forces for hope and regeneration.

Climate Cure shows you how to revitalize your life and the world from the inside out, encouraging you to embody the phrase "heal yourself, heal the world." Chinese medicine physician and eco-activist Jack Adam Weber introduces you to the "triangle of resilience relationships" - with yourself (self-healing), the natural world, and your community. He proposes that the breakdown of these relationships is at the root of climate disease and learning how to comprehensively revitalize them is our collective cure. Weber includes uncommon wisdom and heartfelt, self-care exercises designed to help you work through difficult emotions in order to thrive and become part of the solution. This unique and inspiring book shows you how to take action in the spirit of authenticity and wholeness, interconnection and sustainability.