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Freedom for All of Us (November 2020)
A Monk, a Philosopher, and a Psychiatrist on Finding Inner Peace

CDN Retail: $25.99
Product Code: 9781683644828
Author: Ricard, Andre & Jollien
Vendor: Sounds True



With their acclaimed book In Search of Wisdom, these three gifted friends - a monk, a philosopher, and a psychiatrist - shed light on our universal quest for meaning, purpose, and understanding. Now, in this new in-depth offering, they invite us to tend to the garden of our true nature, freedom.

Turn by turn, each shares his own unique perspective on the various obstacles to inner freedom, the "ecology" of freedom, the ways to cultivate it, and the harvest that comes out of it. What emerges is a panoramic vision and roadmap for us to overcome the barriers that hinder our liberation.

"It is our hope," they write, "that this book will provide clarification of the means for freeing ourselves from the causes of suffering." Filled with unexpected insights and specific strategies, Freedom for All of Us presents an inspiring guide for breaking free of the unconscious walls that confine us.