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Yoga by the Stars (December 2020)
Practices and Meditations Inspired by the Zodiac

CDN Retail: $27.99
Product Code: 9780738763866
Author: Shipway, Jilly
Vendor: Llewellyn Worldwide



Bring the wheel of the zodiac into your practice and discover how the symbolism of the signs inspires new and exciting yoga sequences. Featuring poses, meditations, visualizations, and breathing exercises, Yoga by the Stars showcases the amazing connection between astrology and yoga. Ancient, celestial wisdom can elevate your yoga practice to new heights and give you a greater sense of peace, power, and wellness.

Jilly Shipway presents a fascinating approach that connects the symbolism of astrology to a year-long cycle of yoga practice. Aries empowers your inner warrior in the spring, Libra helps you create balance in the fall, and Capricorn shows you how to transcend your limitations in the winter. Each sign has its own chapter that includes a detailed breakdown of how the sign can be incorporated into your life.