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101 Rescue Puppies (October 2020)
One Family's Story of Fostering Dogs, Love, and Trust

CDN Retail: $27.50
Product Code: 9781608686568
Author: Gord Callahan, Kathryn
Vendor: New World Library



Over the past decade, Kathy Callahan's family has taken in more than 100 rescue puppies from shelters. Each pup has an endearing story, and in this delightful photo-filled book, Callahan shares many of them. Her family didn't set out to be puppy saviors, but as Callahan puts it, "Somebody had surrendered a mother dog, Nala, and her less-than-a-month-old pups at the local shelter... I thought about that exhausted nursing mom who'd been caring for those seven puppies around the clock, only to find herself suddenly homeless. There are a lot of terrible things that happen in life, and I can't do a darned thing about most of them. It struck me that this was a tiny little tragedy in my corner of the world that our family could remedy." A heartwarming read, this is also an inspiring example of finding your own way - through that one special thing you can do to light a light, instead of cursing the darkness.