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Power of Daily Practice (September 2020)
How Creative and Performing Artists (and Everyone Else) Can Finally Meet Their Goals

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Product Code: 9781608687060
Author: Maisel, Eric
Vendor: New World Library



Anyone who has ever picked up a creativity or self-help guide has likely been advised to keep to a daily schedule, daily pages, or other everyday ritual. But "just do it" usually just doesn't work. Longtime creativity coach and therapist Eric Maisel has found an approach that does work: giving clients, and now readers, a clear understanding of what makes them personally blocked or stuck and unable to start or finish. Not enough time, resources, or talent? Fear of success, guilt about being "selfish," and variations on the theme of "what's the point?" Maisel has spent thirty years helping people overcome these kinds of blocks with skills including anxiety management, positive self-talk, cognitive behavioral therapy, and even "sleep thinking." The tools Maisel offers are a potent alternative to waiting for the spirit to move or the muse to inspire: a sustainable, selfdirected path to success.