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Light on Fire (January 2021)
Waking Up to Divine Love

CDN Retail: $22.99
Product Code: 9781401961220
Author: Kirrane, Aedamar
Vendor: Hay House



This book is a profound and soulful exploration of one woman's journey toward becoming a modern-day mystic, and a companion to anyone seeking a compassionate, loving, nurturing guide to living a life of faith.

Aedamar was successfully, and happily, changing career paths to become a novelist when, in 2015, she experienced what she later came to understand was a spontaneous spiritual awakening. For months after this initial call, she continued 'Waking Up', until - to her shock - she finally understood she was becoming a mystic.

Her search for belonging became a search for the true meaning of Christian faith in our day and age - a journey to realizing that there is no separation between God and humanity, and a desire to discover why, then, we are living separated from that divine and endless source of Love. In beautifully poetic language, she asks how finite human beings can experience Divine Union, and how we can begin to heal the deeply rooted trauma in our Western societies.

This book is the guide to 'Waking Up' that Aedamar wishes she had had through her own spiritual awakening, offering a compassionate and helpful way for us to rediscover the Love of Jesus Christ, to find our spiritual wisdom, and enter into a new era of faith.