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Empowered Feminine (9 CD's) (March 2021)
Meditating with the Dakini Mandala

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Product Code: 9781683647218
Author: Allione, Lama Tsultrim
Vendor: Sounds True



In a time when courageous women are bursting through the seams of the patriarchy, it's no wonder so many are searching for a way to tap into the long-suppressed divine feminine in their spiritual practice. The dakinis of Tibetan Buddhism are divine beings who grant us access to an eternal source of feminine power that is free, wise, and fierce as a mother defending her young. With The Empowered Feminine, bestselling author Lama Tsultrim Allione invites you to embrace this profound energy for creating change - both to serve the world and to spark internal transformation.

Lama Allione's gift for transmitting the rich wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism comes to life here in eight audio sessions. "A dakini is both compassionate and relentless, burning away the ego," she says. "Wherever we cling, she cuts; whatever we hide from ourselves, she reveals." Here Lama Allione grounds you in the tradition of the five dakinis - luminous "sky dancers" who challenge and inspire us on the path of awakening - and reveals why so many modern seekers have embraced these archetypes of the divine feminine. Then she takes you step by step into the mandala of the five dakinis: a versatile tool for meditation, self-examination, connecting with nature, and integrating the virtues and wisdom of the dakinis into your life.