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Enneagram (11 CD's) (January 2021)
Nine Gateways to Presence

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Product Code: 9781683645795
Author: Hudson, Russ
Vendor: Sounds True



With roots in ancient mysticism and modern-day psychology, the Enneagram has become one of the most popular personality-typing tools available - but this was not its original purpose.

With The Enneagram: Nine Gateways to Presence, Hudson shares an in-depth audio training on how to use this powerful system the way it was originally intended - as a pathway to deeper self-knowledge and spiritual growth.

The Enneagram's structure is organized around nine personality types - such as the Achiever, the Reformer, or the Challenger. This training provides a powerful context for further understanding these types by viewing them through three centers of expression - the body, the mind, and the heart. Rather than letting a singular type define us, Hudson encourages us to explore the ways all nine are expressed in our unique makeup. Through insightful lessons and guided practices, you'll gain insight into your ongoing challenges, greatest strengths, and highest path of growth.