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Invisible Corset (Hardcover) (January 2021)
Break Free from Beauty Culture and Embrace Your Radiant Self

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Product Code: 9781683646181
Author: Geertsen, Lauren
Vendor: Sounds True



No matter how much we try to tell ourselves to love our bodies, most women can't quite get there. Even though we know the beauty standard is unrealistic, we secretly feel like it would be so much easier if our stomach were just a little flatter, or our skin a little smoother, or a million other little things. As a result, we sacrifice our health, heritage, and sanity on the altar of beauty culture.

In The Invisible Corset, Geertsen illustrates the psychological gaslighting that leads women to internalize the belief that their appearance makes them not only unworthy of love, but incapable of fulfilling their actual destiny. By highlighting each restricting, Geertsen helps us reclaim our bodies for ourselves, discovering newfound confidence, power, joy, and pleasure as we do. You'll explore:

  • How the invisible corset cuts you off from your body's wisdom and nature's intelligence
  • How beauty culture is the most recent form of patriarchal oppression
  • Why the body positivity movement often makes self-criticism even worse
  • The racist history of beauty culture, and how it still perpetuates racism today
  • A variety of practices to help you reconnect with your body - to tune into your intuition, set healthy boundaries, align with your True Self, and more