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Glimpses of Being (6 CD's)
A Training Course in Expanding Mindful Awareness

CDN Retail: $90.99
Product Code: 9781683647898
Author: Winston, Diana
Vendor: Sounds True



Many of us have tried mindfulness meditation: where we concentrate closely on the breath or other object of attention. "But awareness spans a much wider domain," teaches Diana Winston. In contrast to effortful and focused practice lies natural awareness - a state of peace, connection, and ease. If you've ever been absorbed in the flow of a sport, a walk in nature, or an artistic activity, then you've had a taste of this effortless and expansive experience.

With Glimpses of Being, this pioneering meditation teacher invites us to explore the full landscape of presence, with a special emphasis on natural awareness. Here, listeners will first learn about the wide range of mindfulness practices, from focused to flexible to natural awareness. Then, through an engaging variety of guided meditations, Winston helps us to experience them firsthand.

For beginners, seasoned practitioners, and even those who've struggled with conventional mindfulness meditation, these supportive sessions open the way to illuminating new realms of being - and show us how to create our own foundation for lifelong discovery, enjoyment, and transformation.