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Trusting the Gold (Hardcover)
Uncovering Your Natural Goodness

CDN Retail: $24.99
Product Code: 9781683647133
Author: Brach, Tara, Ph.D.
Vendor: Sounds True



What if the pain of feeling flawed or unworthy is actually a message that you're believing something untrue? "The gold of our deepest Being can never be tarnished," teaches Tara Brach. "No matter how it might get covered over by feelings of anger, deficiency, or fear, our awareness remains radiant and pure." With Trusting the Gold, this beloved teacher shares personal challenges and awakenings to help you reconnect with your essential goodness - and learn to see the ways this awareness and love shines through us all.

Trusting the Gold is a gem of a gift book featuring stories, teachings, and reflection prompts, with beautiful illustrations by Vicky Alvarez. Here, you'll explore three pathways of remembering and living from your full aliveness: opening to the Truth of the present moment; turning toward Love in any situation; and resting in the Freedom of our natural, nonjudgmental awareness. Brach offers insights and practices for bringing these qualities into everyday life - including the particular challenges of our time such as fear for the future, anger at authority figures, and grief over injustice.