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Recovering You
Soul Care and Mindful Movement for Overcoming Addiction

CDN Retail: $30.50
Product Code: 9781608687954
Author: Washington, Steven
Vendor: New World Library



Why did that superstar overdose when she had it all? Why can't my cousin get his act together when he has such beautiful children? Such questions are not uncommon with addiction running rampant in our culture. Yet the need and craving for comfort and control also affect many of us in lesser yet insidious ways - that drink, that scroll, that shopping. But as Steven Washington here shows, the recovery of well-being, faith, hope, peace, and, most importantly, a sense of one's own original self and potential is possible no matter what.

Washington shares his own story of growing up around alcoholism and his experiences as a Qigong and meditation teacher, but the heart and soul of this book is his nine-part process of guiding readers through fear, shame, and regret. Self-massage, breathing, meditation, and, uniquely, a focus on Qigong, the ancient movement practice at the heart of Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophy, liberate, calm, energize, and soothe in an almost magical way. Whether one is long on the path of recovery, taking their first step in that direction, or simply feeling adrift and unmoored, this is a lifeline not just to recovering but to the discovery of a new and better way of being.