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Tuesdays in Jail
What I Learned Teaching Journaling to Inmates

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Product Code: 9781608688319
Author: Welling, Tina
Vendor: New World Library



A decade ago, Tina Welling began teaching journaling workshops for the mostly male inmates at the Teton County jail in Jackson, Wyoming, where she lives. What began as a little-understood impulse on her part became a meaning-filled enterprise with surprising results.

Welling was floored by how much she had in common with the incarcerated: "It's just that they had been arrested and I had not." They talked and wrote about self-esteem, anger, forgiveness, compassion, personal power, codependency. Welling viscerally realized that "we teach what we need to know." She gave the men one hour a week to explore their inner lives; they gave her an unprecedented experience of intimacy and vulnerability. Because Welling was often not privy to the fates of the men she taught, she faced a principle found in many wisdom teachings: becoming comfortable with not knowing.

Replete with the kind of gorgeous writing for which Welling is acclaimed - for example, she likens her path to teaching as "tracking a moose in snowfall" - Tuesdays in Jail is part memoir, part riveting exploration of a world most of us will never experience, and wholly an enlightening and compelling read.