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Enriching Materials For Body, Mind and Spirit
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Your Body Will Show You the Way
Energy Medicine for Personal and Global Change

CDN Retail: $30.50
Product Code: 9781608688227
Author: Meredith, Ellen
Vendor: New World Library



In a world of upheaval and rapid change, how can you enlist the intelligence of your body's subtle energies to help you heal, build resilience, and evolve? This revolutionary new book presents energy medicine as a conversation between body, mind, and spirit. It gently guides you on a journey to create personal, social, and even planetary well-being by working from the inside out. In a highly personal yet universally resonant voice, Ellen Meredith teaches you how to:

  • enlist the intelligence of the body's subtle energies to heal yourself and navigate uncertainty
  • ground and anchor yourself in turbulent times and create coherence between your body, mind, and spirit
  • work with the energies you are made of to dial into larger webs of connection
  • employ easy-to-use tools to bring Spirit into your choices and actions every day
  • remedy personal ruptures in ways that spread healing and well-being in and around you

Your Body Will Show You the Way will equip you with a means of navigating the world that is internally guided yet globally aware and trustworthy in every situation, both personal and communal.