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Friendship with God
An Uncommon Dialogue

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Author: Walsch, Neale Donald
Vendor: Penguin Putnam


  Neale Donald Walsch grew up fearing God, especially after his mother - a neighborhood mystic - was caught reading cards for a friend. His mother was "trafficking with the devil," according to Walsch's deeply religious aunt, and as a result, "God will send her straight to hell."

That was the start of a relationship born of "fearship," as Walsch calls it. In Friendship with God, Walsh speaks to the struggles he's had learning to see God as a true friend rather than a punishing judge. Like his immensely popular Conversations with God series, Friendship with God is written mostly in dialogue format, modeling how anyone can converse with God. What makes the book especially accessible is Walsh's humble voice that gently addresses most people's confusion and doubts.