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Wheel of Time
The Shamans of Mexico Their Thoughts about Life, Death and the Universe

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Product Code: 074341280X
Author: Castaneda, Carlos
Vendor: Simon & Schuster


  Near the end of his life, Carlos Castaneda gathered together and reviewed his seminal works on his training as a shaman initiate, recorded in a literary career that spans over thirty years. The result is this ground-breaking collection of quotations - the essence of Carlos Castaneda, drawn from his landmark volumes including The Teachings of Don Juan, Journey to Ixtlan, A Separate Reality, and Tales of Power.

Enhanced with an introduction and original commentary by the author, this powerful work illuminates the shaman's life as never before. Castaneda's words explore how the ancient shamans could literally touch and direct the wheel of time - a profound yet pragmatic tradition that can be felt even in our day.