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Life & Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East (6 Book Set)

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Author: Spalding, Baird T
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Baird Spalding's Far East travels in 1894 have played a ground-breaking role in introducing to the Western world the knowledge that there are "Masters" assisting and guiding humanity.

Handsomely boxed in their own sleeves: the six volumes of Baird T. Spalding's monumental classic - the work that more than any other has bequeathed the wisdom and knowledge of the immortal masters - assist and guide the heart in every age.

Since 1924, when these writings first appeared, they have influenced and inspired generations of seekers. Astonished at the interest in his discoveries and experiences, he wrote Volume 2 (in 1927). Volume 3 (in 1935) followed along with a 30-city tour. Volume 4 (1948) and Volume 5 (1955) were compiled from his question-and-answer material and Volume 6 (1996) contains historical reference to his articles for the Mind Magazine 1935-37.

"There is no question that these people have brought the Light through the long ages and they prove by their daily life and works that this Light does exist just as it did thousands of years ago."
-Baird T. Spalding