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Intercession of Spirits
Working with Animals, Angels & Ancestors

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Product Code: 9781888767551
Author: Andrews, Ted
Vendor: Dragon Hawk


  Every child knows the reality of the spirit world. Unfortunately as children, we are often taught to deny it and ignore it. We are told it is imaginary. We are often socialized and shamed out of our awareness of its reality. But imagine if you had remained open to the spirit world throughout your life. How would it have changed who you are and how you live today? Imagine a childhood filled with the presence of spirits - faeries, animals, angels, loving ancestors and more. And yet, you would be unable to speak of them, knowing it would invite scorn and ridicule from family and friends. Imagine giving up the security of a good career to follow a new path in life - one guided by the spirit world - knowing that it defied logic and that family and friends would make jokes and look for you to fail. Imagine if you opened fully to the reality of that world once more today. Would it change your life for the better or make it more complicated? Would you have the heart to follow?

There really is no way to avoid it. At some point in your life, you will have encounters with the spirit world. But what do they mean? What good do they serve? The Intercession of Spirits has the answers. Using his own life experiences, Ted Andrews reveals the heartache and difficulties of working with spirit. He also teaches the possibilities, wonder and fulfillment that come from opening your heart and life fully to their intercession!